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Our Name

What is Zosap?

If you search for the word Zosap in an ancient bible encyclopedia, it would refer to the Lushais’ Angel of Advancement. But, in our modern digital marketing age, it’s a gifted crew of web-savvy individuals who love to help you build supreme online presence for your business.

Our History

We are only four years younger to Google. We are as old as Yahoo! Search. And we are six years older than Bing.

We have grown right along with the search engine industry. We have seen the industry mature and magnify. When others were crawling, we were already up and running. We know the online marketing space inside out because we have not only been tracking and studying it for about a decade; but quite undoubtedly leading as well.

Zosap started out with a relatively smaller team in 2003. Almost ten years down the line, our journey has been the most satisfying and fruitful one as we continue to look towards an even brighter future. Both our staff and our business have grown exponentially.


Our Company

Since our inception, we have optimized numerous websites for hundreds of thousands of clients of all types, across a variety of industry verticals. While all our competitors were busy merging web development and designing with their SEO services, we begged to differ. Our sole focus, at Zosap Internet Marketing Solution, is on offering unparalleled online marketing and quality link building services to our diverse clientele.

Zosap Internet Marketing Solution = Higher Quality Traffic = Greater Leads = Glorious Sales

As a leading global quality link building agency, Zosap is committed to exceeding your anticipations and requirements by providing leading-edge value proposition. Our strategy is guided by the ‘link-diversity’ principle and well backed-up by a dynamic team comprised of the industry thought-leaders. We have handpicked the web marketing experts to build the best SEO team in the search space. As a result, our team represents a synergetic composition of key technical skills, creative vision and marketing expertise.

Are you ready to be Zosaped? Give us a call without delay. Alternatively, drop in an e-mail and we will get back to you ASAP.

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