On which major search engines will Zosap optimize our website?

As your loyal web marketing agency, Zosap makes sure that your website is optimized for all major and relevant search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Ensuring optimum results for your website on these search engines is our topmost priority. However, until and unless it is your very first day on the Internet, you would know that these three search engines undoubtedly account for almost 90% of the digital search space. Exposing your website to only quality search engines rather than to a whole lot is not only time and cost effective, but more traffic-productive as well. At the same time, we also ensure that you get an equally broader attention on local search engines. “But why not for all the search engines on earth?” The answer is quite simple, “There is no need.” On certain occasions though, for any other search engines, we strictly act upon the client’s requirements.

Will SEO/link building be enough to get our website on top?

No prizes for guessing, in this digital age, optimization and link-building will help you gain ‘positive votes’ for your website, from search engines. The search engines view your quality back-links as your website’s strength to satiate the ever-growing needs of the browsing community. More importantly, SEO will prove to be an additional revenue stream for your business, by augmenting traffic. However, you will still need to face the murderous online competition from over a billion internet users worldwide. Deploying only SEO and link-building as your online marketing strategy will not take you to nirvana. If you want immediate results, then you are better off using the paid advertising tools.

How does Zosap carry out our submissions and optimization?

We, at Zosap, ensure that you get the most out of our rock-solid industry experience of over a decade. We use our expertise and knowledge of search engine behavior and trends while manually carrying out your submissions and optimization. We, generally, start-off with link-building for one-off packages. But for the ongoing projects, we conduct an intensive custom analysis and follow it up with optimization recommendations. In either case, once the client selects a suitable Zosap package, an invoice is generated. Our experts, then, initiate submitting your website and keywords to popular and relevant directories. We also carry out customized submissions to your preferred directories. Once we have pushed up your ranking through superior back-links; for larger orders, we design and implement appropriate optimization strategies.

How soon will we be able to see our results?

More often than not, post submissions, your rankings hit the road within four weeks. Generally, we run down 3 months to see any suggestive and consistent results. However, rankings are also dependent upon your website, keywords and competition. The term ‘desired optimization result’ is very relative and varies with each client. Patience is a virtue to your online success. The frequency of search engine re-indexing also plays a vital role in ramping up your SEO campaign.

Do higher ranks guarantee greater sales for our business?

We actually hear this question quite often. And frankly, we are not surprised that you raised it, just like every other SEO industry alien. However, our answer lies in two simple words, “Not Necessarily”. What we can ensure through optimization is that your website gains maximum popularity and exposure. The ball then falls in your court. How you exploit this prevalence in making your phones ring, is entirely your call. If you are unable to cash out this traffic to your website, we believe that something is missing in your overall marketing strategy. Be wary of catchy yet false claims. No one can ‘guarantee’ sales for your business except for yourselves! We recommend you not to fall in such optimization traps.

Does Zosap offer any monthly subscription?

As a rule of thumb, all our packages are priced on the one-off principle. We carry out your submissions as a single-time exercise. But there is always an option for our clients to order auxiliary packages at any time. However, we can also set up recurring packages, if you are pursuing a longer term optimization goal. Once you opt in, it becomes our duty to ensure higher ranking for all your specified keywords. Contact us and we will tailor a package as per your web requirements.

Will we be bound to a long-term contract?

“No!” Although optimization is an eternal process; we, at Zosap, make sure that you don’t have to wait till the cow comes home. Our end goal is to fulfill your link-building objectives, whether short-term or long. Following the ‘no signature required’ rule, all our packages function on 30 days’ notice and are subject to feasible and appropriate revocation at anytime.

Do we get any discounts or special offers?

We know it sounds too good to be true to you! That’s simply because it most definitely is. We don’t just stop at offering you the most competitively-priced packages in the industry; we make it even BETTER by offering discounts and special feelers regularly. We extend humongous discounts on ‘Bulk’ and ‘Agency’ orders! What more could you ask for when promoting your business on the web? Hurry up and call us right away to avail these ‘out-of-this-world’ deals!

Do we get refunds?

We, at Zosap, are all ears to your feedback about our services. It enables us to constantly improve our packages and ensure a smoother overall service experience for you. Our commitment to quality assures you of a fast and competent solution to all your problems. However, in case of legitimate and technical errors, we will gladly issue you a refund, as per our refund policies. Our refund policies can be changed at anytime, without prior notice*. Remember that ‘work already done’ is not refundable. Please also bear in mind that we do not give your money back, simply because you changed your decision. Instead, please tell us how we can make your interaction even more enjoyable!

How will we get the reports? And how often will we receive them?

For the one-off projects, the reports are e-mailed to you within three to fifteen business days once the submission form is filled-up and returned. For ongoing projects, we have established a 30 days’ cycle so ensuring a fixed reporting date. As soon as your project is effectuated, you will receive an email with your detailed report attached to it.

What all will be included in the report?

Our reports will cover everything that we created for you, including all link lists. The single-time clients receive a comprehensive submission list. For the month-on-month campaigns, we provide submission credentials, in addition to the list. Kindly review our sample report and feel free to reach us in case of questions.

What are the major deliverables in Zosap’s project management process?

The nature and amount of project deliverables depend on the package opted for and the duration of the campaign. In our time-bound projects, the deliverables start with an invoice. This is followed by a submission form for the respective package. Final reports are supplied upon the completion of the assignment. For longer term campaigns, we provide these documents in this order: the Zosap proposal, an invoice, order confirmation e-mail, keyword research analysis report, pre-optimization ranking report, On-page optimization recommendation report and monthly submission reports following submission throughout the campaign life-cycle. Occasional content recommendations are also provided as and when needed.

How do we contact the Zosap customer support in case of help or changes?

We, at Zosap, are always open to feedback and questions. Nothing is more important to us than satisfying your needs. Hence, we encourage you to e-mail us your queries and requests at any time. Our experts will be glad to be of assistance. Whether you wish to walk through your campaign progress, or would like to make changes to your existing package, we are only a click away! Alternatively, you can always call us on +1–248–636–4666.

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